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We service the follow cities for Stag Parties:

Toronto stags / Vaughan stags / Mississauga stags / Bolton stags / Oakville stags / Newmarket stags / Markham stags / Burlington Stags/ Hamilton Stags/G.T.A stags

Stag Party Package

Stag Hostesses

A Stag Hostess is a must have for every successful Stag Party Event. Our professional hostesses can run a stag that your guest will always remember.

Our hostess will:

  • Work your event for 5 hours
  • Greet your guests at the door
  • Run the games such as Joker Poker, Golf, Game, and Sell raffle tickets
  • Give away door prizes and announce the raffle prizes
  • Dress up for any theme stag (Play boy bunnies, Cheerleaders,etc

Check out our Stag Model Section

Rental Equipment & Games

For moe games, please select menu --> Rental games

CF Promotions offers unique games and Casino equipment. Casino games are run by experience casino dealers. 100% of the profits goes to the groom! Our dealers will entertain your guests for 5 hours.

Rental Games include:

  • Black Jack table with Chips
  • Holdem Poker Table with Chips
  • Golf Game includes golf clubs
  • Crown and Anchor
  • Roulette
WE have Casino Dealers (All ladies if you wish!)
Hockey Shootout Challenge  

Includes hockey balls, left and right hockey sticks.

Hockey Shootout is free with any stag or event package

Lumber Jack Challenge  

It is Hammer Time! (known as the Great Canadian Whack Off)

This is a good game to play with a lot of ego's in the room.

Format: Guests must hammer a nail with the least amount of hits!.

Hammer Challenge comes with a log (softer wood for women and harder one for the guys, nails & hammer.

Hammer is free with every stag party or event party package.

Golf Putting Challenge  

Golf Putting Green - Premium

Impress your guests with this 7' foot long premium turf. Great for the addicted golfers!

Includes golf clubs and golf balls with score sheet

Golf game is free with a stag or event packages

For more rentals: (Minnow Race & Snail Race, Drinking Games, Crown and Anchor, Money Wheel and more)


Special Acts or Exotic Dancers

Why not bring unique acts to your event? Our trained professional special acts wiill really impress your guests with hot exciting entertainment.

Theme Entertainment:

  • Lady Fire Breather
  • Exotic Dancers
  • Impersonators
  • Gorgeous Bartendars
or Hire a Small Talented Person for your stag events! Our small people host or hostesses is a real crowd pleaser. They can dress up, stage act and play music. These talented individuals will be the talk of the town! Hire one today!

Need extra accessories? Most of our stag packages come with:

  • Custom Stag Tickets
  • Cash Box
  • Joker Poker Board
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Raffle Drum
Just ask us!

Custom packages are available. Please call us for more details.

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Toronto stags / Vaughan stags / Mississauga stags / Bolton stags / Oakville stags / Newmarket stags / Markham stags / G.T.A stags