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Tara's professional, insightful, indepth Tarot readings are in great demand. Her readings will make your event a hit! Let Tara impress you!  Call TARA for your next event- corporate, private, a birthday for any age group,  whatever the occassion..

Since 1991 Tara, professionally trained Tarot consultant has entertained and impressed thousands at corporate events for clients of Rothschild's Canada, The Granite Club, York University, Midland Walwyn, MacDonald's, The Toronto Real Estate Board, among many, many others.

Tara  exudes a charming warmth. Wearing her one of a kind costumes, she works quickly, using her amethyst crystals,and higher guides,she applies her knowledge of Astrology,Mythology and Numerology to connect with each one of her querents.

Tara can customise her readings to suit any occasion,to suit your tastes.

With Terrorism affecting the collective psyche as a whole, NOW more than ever people are searching for and in need of indepth help. The Tarot is a marvellous tool for helping us navigate through troubled times and to find the strength we need within ourselves to carry on.



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    "Tara gave me an excellent reading,very indepth.Ten months later everything she had told me unfolded like she'd ad-vised.I came back for another reading, which clarified my dilemma." -Sue Morrison,Maskmaking & Clown Workshop Artist

    "Tara is a wonderful performer, very sensitive and very reliable." -John Quarterly,Friendly Entertainment & Promotion Co


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