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Talent Menu:


  • Affleck, Ben
  • Alanis Morrissette
  • Agassi, Andre
  • Aguilera, Christina
  • Ali, Mohamad
  • Anderson, Pam
  • Austin, Stone Cold Steve
  • Blues Brothers
  • Bond, James Bond
  • Carrey, Jim
  • Cash, Johnny
  • Chaplin, Charlie
  • Cher
  • Dion, Celine
  • Dundee, Crocodile
  • Eden, Barbara - I Dream of Jeannie
  • Elvis
  • Gilligan's Island Characters
  • Ginger and Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island
  • Goldberg, Whoopie
  • Houston, Whitney
  • I Dream of Jeannie - Barbara Eden
  • Iglesias, Enrique
  • Jackson, Michael
  • John, Elton
  • Jolie, Angelina
  • Lucy Ball
  • Madonna
  • Osbourne, Ozzy
  • Pitt, Brad
  • Powers, Austin
  • Phatom of the Opera
  • Princess Diana
  • Queen
  • Rob Ford
  • Roberts, Julia
  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold
  • Segal, Steven
  • Snooki
  • Shakira
  • Simmons, Richard
  • Sinatra, Frank
  • Smith, Will
  • Spears, Britney
  • Travolta, John
  • Turner, Tina
  • Ventura, Ace
  • Wonder, Stevie
  • Xena, The Warrior Princess
  • Zorro

Impersontators/Singers "Is seeing believing?"


We bring you the best impersonator and live entertainment together. We have from Tina Turner to Madonna! Call us today to book your event with any of our acts below!

Actor Bio Upon request.

Lucy Ball Marlyn Monroe

Tina Turner

Micheal Jackson

Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto
Paris Hilton Scrooge
Elvis - Impersonator
Santa Claus
USA Toronto Toronto Toronto
Cher Marlyn Monroe 2 Celine Dion Tom Cruise
Vancouver Vancouver Toronto toronto
Madonna Pamela Anderson Cher 2 Christina Auguilera
Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto
Cher 3 Lady Gaga Katy Perry Shania Twain
Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto
Garth Brooks Joan Rivers Robert Di Nero Bily Idol
Toronto Toronto USA Toronto
Jennifer Lopez Angelina Jolie Shakira Buddy Holly
Queen Brando Santa # 2 Charlie Chaplin
Toronto USA Toronto Toronto
Snooki Julia Roberts Bette Midler Groucho
Toronto USA Toronto Toronto
Steve Tyler Rob Ford Gene Simmons Robert Williams
Toronto Toronto Toronto USA
Captain Jack Sparrow Charlie Chaplin 2 Micheal Jackson 3 - Dancer Dolly Patson
Toronto Toronto Toronto USA


Is there an impersonator that is not an the list, please contact us.

Please note that most of our impersonators will travel to your event!

We can provide more pics and a bio if interested with any of our impersonators.