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Talent Menu:


  • Affleck, Ben
  • Alanis Morrissette
  • Agassi, Andre
  • Aguilera, Christina
  • Ali, Mohamad
  • Anderson, Pam
  • Austin, Stone Cold Steve
  • Blues Brothers
  • Bond, James Bond
  • Bono - U2 Tribute Band
  • Carrey, Jim
  • Cash, Johnny
  • Chaplin, Charlie
  • Cher
  • Dion, Celine
  • Doctor Evil
  • Dundee, Crocodile
  • Eden, Barbara - I Dream of Jeannie
  • Elvis
  • Ginger and Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island
  • Goldberg, Whoopie
  • Houston, Whitney
  • I Dream of Jeannie - Barbara Eden
  • Iglesias, Enrique
  • Jackson, Janet
  • Jackson, Michael
  • John, Elton
  • Jolie, Angelina
  • Lucy Ball
  • Madonna
  • Osbourne, Ozzy
  • Pitt, Brad
  • Powers, Austin
  • Princess Diana
  • Roberts, Julia
  • Rod Stewart
  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold
  • Segal, Steven
  • Selena
  • Shakira
  • Simmons, Richard
  • Sinatra, Frank
  • Smith, Will
  • Spears, Britney
  • Star Trek Characters
  • Three Stooges, The
  • Travolta, John
  • Turner, Tina
  • Twain, Shania
  • Ventura, Ace
  • Wonder, Stevie
  • Xena, The Warrior Princess
  • X-Files Impersonators
  • Zorro

Impersonators / Tribute Artists

We bring you Toronto's top Tribute Artist/Celebrity Entertainment. From singing live in concert to singing in Corporate Events. If you are looking for an Elvis impersonators, Tina Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Shania Twain, Rod Stewart, Abba, Bono...etc we have them!.

"Bono Impersonator" is the best U2 Tribute artist in World! He has traveled and sang as the official impersonator for no other Bono from U2. He has appeard in many Televisions and Magazines. He comes with an international U2 Tribute band called Planet Vertigo. He also performs with a duo Bono/Edge.

Please check out his bio!

Long Live Elvis!

We have Elvis of the 50's - 70's Vegas Style. Our Elvis can perform in any type of event!

Check out some of our Elvis Impersonatorsy have been in the ‘50’s.

'ABBA-Mania' recreates the music and feelings of one of the greatest pop groups of all time. Backed by a live band, authentic costumes, and concert lighting, this 11-piece show performs live, 20 of ABBA's hits. Musically and vocally superb, this show is sure not to be missed!
'Stayin’ Alive' is the ultimate tribute to the Bee Gees, featuring a live band (with back-up singers, strings and horns) excellent vocals and an all around amazing show! You'll truly think you're watching the real thing. Great fun for the whole family!

Sheava as Tina Turner. Experience the high energy of this incredible 'Tribute To Tina'!


Check out her bio

Rick , as 'Old Blue Eyes', is a "phenomenal entertainer". It's not just his stage presence, his cocky swagger, the phrasing of his songs or his resemblance to Frank Sinatra..... Rick has vocal talent, a feel for the music and the personal magnetism necessary for a headline performer. "He makes a sudden turn of the head and you gasp. It's eerie ~ he is Frank Sinatra as he was 50 years ago.".....

Paris as Bily Idol!

Born in Denmark, growing up in England then moving to Canada after, Paris appeared on the Canadian music scene. He instantly became a sensation, and was called Canada's number one pop idol by record magazines. His albums where well reviewed and his videos well received. He also includes a band called "Rebel Yell"

Laura - Celine Dion

Laura is an actor and singer and an amazing Celine Dion Tribute Artist.

Tracey - Cher and 8 Diva Show

Tracey is an actor, comedian and singer Her impressions are from the classic moves of Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, to the New York Stages with Liza Minelli..from Janis Joplin in the sixties to Madonna of the nineties..and everything in between. Tracey is Marilyn, Liza, Cher, Madonna, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin and more. Hollywood glamour..Las Vegas glitter..the brightest of stars, the best in song..all of this in a show that can be completely customized for any event!

Check out her bio!