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Billiard Tournament Package

Looking for a sporty challenge for your guests? Why not try a Billiard tournament! CF Promotions provides the best package when it comes to billiard tournaments. We have from Pool Tricksters to setting up the perfect game for your guests.

Billiard Event Package includes

  • Tournament Director
  • Custom Tournament Chart
  • Pool Trickster (Optional)
  • Pool lessons (Optional)
  • Mini side billiard games (10-ball break, 3-ball break or 9-ball break challenge)
  • Raffle tickets
  • Sponsorship (Billiard products as prizes)
  • Hosts or Hostesses to help with registrations and sell raffle tickets
  • Type of Games (9-ball, 8-ball, Killer Pool, & Scotch doubles)
  • Search for appropriate venue
CF Promotions brings in many years and experience running large and small tournament events such as Expo tournaments and Tours. Please have a look at one of our tours that we help promote: Canadian Women's Pool Tour