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Trade Show Promotional Models and Hostesses

CF Promotions specializes in providing models and talent for promotions, trade shows, pageants, runway and print media.

We represent a variety of talent ranging from glamour and bikini models to commercial and runway/print models, character entertainers and spokes person.

Our diverse talent base helps to insure that we always meet our client’s needs. We carefully select our staff so we can provide personable, enthusiastic, and reliable help and at affordable rates!!.

Our models and hostesses are available for all types promotions. we can help you design an outfit or costume for your event.

Below is a quick glance of some of our models. For more pictures of our models, please select Female or Male models from our Quick Menu on the left side.

Following Promotional Staff Services:

Trade Shows
  • Hostess
  • Booth Staff
  • Spokes Model Demonstrator
  • Trade Show Promo Model
  • Booth Assistant Booth
  • Sales Assist
  • Crowd Gatherer
  • Booth Model
  • Costumed Talent Greeter
  • Booth Waitress
  • Booth Receptionist
  • Booth Info.
  • Assistant Bartending or Waitress
  • Body Art Models
  • Body Statue Models
Corporate Events
  • Hospitality Suite Waitress
  • Hospitality Suite Bartender
  • Corporate Party Hostess
  • Corporate Party Waitress
  • Corporate Bus Hostess
  • Corporate Party Bartender
  • Corporate Party Models
  • Body Art Models
  • Body Statue Models
Sporting Events
  • Golf Outing Hostess / Waitress
  • Event Hostess
  • Nascar Model
Other Events
  • Car Shows Meet & Greet Hostesses
  • Spokesperson Awards
  • Event Hostess
  • Spokesmodel
  • Promotional Model
  • Runway Model
  • Fashion Shows Conventions
  • Body Art Models
  • Body Statue Models
Print Modeling
  • Commercial
  • Editorial
  • Fitness
  • Catalog
  • Lifestyle
  • Body Art Models
  • Body Statue Models


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